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The ability to compete in soccer tournaments abroad is the major benefit we get from playing this wonderful sport over, say, hockey, baseball or even basketball. There is simply no other sport that offers the cultural benefits of soccer.

That’s because soccer truly is the world’s game. You can take twenty kids, from twenty different countries all over the world, throw them a soccer ball and they would all instantly know what to do with it.

They would know the rules of the game, the basic technical skills needed to play the game, and probably the names of several of the world’s top players to try and emulate.

There is simply no other sport in the world that you can say that about.

There are many companies out there that help players and teams take advantage of the global nature of soccer by organizing trips to overseas tournaments.

While undoubtedly expensive, these kinds of trips can truly be once-in-a-lifetime experiences for players and coaches alike.

In this section of the site we’ll look at some of the benefits of overseas travel, introduce you to some of the top international tournaments and the companies that specialize in this field, and take you through some of the issues you’ll have to deal with if you are planning a trip to a soccer tournament abroad.

From fundraising to trip-planning, from packing to some of the cultural issues you’ll be dealing with when you get to your destination.

We’ll also take a look at the security issues that have come up in the post-9/11 travel industry.

If you have any ideas for stories you think we should cover, feel free to contact us using our feedback form.

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