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A beach soccer tournament might just be the ideal solution for teams that are looking for a fun alternative to the traditional grass field, full-sided tournaments that fill up most of the tournament calendar.

Long popular in Brazil, soccer on the beach has been growing in popularity in the United States ever since the early 1990s, when the rules were first formalized.

One thing to pay close attention to when you're doing your research is the demographic that any given event is targeting. Some of the events we have listed cater to the "traditional" soccer tournament demographic of families with soccer-playing children.

Others cater very much to the twenty-something crowd and stress social events and post-game parties as much as they do the soccer. There will be clues to look out for in the event descriptions.

If, for example, a tournament suggests you "bring your own alcohol as it's cheaper than hotel prices", or posts more photos of the after hours party than it does of people playing soccer, then you might want to think about leaving the kids (and even the spouse, for that matter Smile) at home.

Whatever kind of tournament you're looking for, though, there are enough events for everyone, and we expect that number to steadily increase in the years ahead as the sport itself continues to grow in popularity.

As always, if you're looking for a specific event, you can try our search function.

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  • Beach 5 Sand Soccer Series - Ocean City
  • Sand Duels Soccer Tournament
  • Massachusetts



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    If you are the director of a sand soccer tournament, you can have your event listed here by filling out our soccer tournament submission form. If you can send us a logo, too, and a brief description of the event, we'll get you listed right away.

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