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Red Diamod Vulcan Cup Economic Impact

Pumps $7.5 Million Into Local Economy

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Tournament directors, have you ever wondered what the economic impact of your tournament is for the local community? Did you ever wish you had that kind of information available when you were pitching your event to sponsors, local school boards or area chambers of commerce?

Well, the Red Diamond Vulcan Cup, a youth soccer tournament that takes place over two weekends beginning in early March in Birmingham, AL has come up with a number. The event is expected to pump $7.5 million into the metro Birmingham economy according to David Galbaugh, director of sports sales and marketing for the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The figure is the most in the 10-year history of the event and places the tournament in the top ten annual events in Birmingham.

The tournament will bring more than 18,000 visitors to the region. The 2008 Red Diamond Vulcan Cup yielded an economic impact of $6,396,000. Throughout the ten-year history of the tournament, the Red Diamond Vulcan Cup has generated an economic impact of $40 million.

More than 300 teams from across the nation, including many state champions and state finalists, play in the tournament.

This year's Vulcan Cup boys tournament was held March 7-8 at several Birmingham area soccer fields; the girls' tourney was held March 14-15. The tournament is sponsored by Red Diamond Coffee & Tea. For full results of the event, see our Latest Tourney News Page.

"Teams from as far away as New York, Ohio and Michigan are traveling thousands of miles to compete in this top-level tournament," tournament director Skip Brock said in a statement.

If you compare the number of teams with your own event, and then do a little rudimentary math, you can come up with a ballpark figure for the economic impact of your own event.

It may be useful information for tournament directors to have.

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