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Tourney Was Great, Except for Last Game

by Joe Myers
(Gardner, MA - Nov. 16, 2009)

Tourney was great / weather was horrible but my 2 kids had a blast. My only complaint was my son's last game. The ref in my opinion did not call the game correctly. Called the entire game from mid field - seemed he didn't want to dirty his coat or something in the mud - called the game completely one sided - swore at a parent across the field (the parent was wrong also)and mubbled to him has he left the field that the Gardner teams should not have even been in the tourney.

I watch a lot of soccer games and have seen bad calls and some calls not made. But to see a ref not even move to make calls is very poor. You cannot call a game from the sidelines, especially a championship game.

Too bad. I agree the other team from Athol played very hard and may have deserved to win but it would have been nice to lose on fair terms not one sided terms.
Other than that my kids enjoyed themselves. That is the only reason I would consider coming back next year. It is a great tourney

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Aug 05, 2010

by: Anonymous

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