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Tourney A Mess - But Great Fun

by Joe Luksha
(Chair City Soccer - Nov. 22, 2009)

Tournament was a mess but I have to say that all and all both My Girl's team and My Wife's had fun. Teams were competitive and seemed to be grouped properly. That was nice to see this year. There wasn't that one team that got blown out every game and there wasn't that one team that just dominated.

My only concern was the reffing. Several Refs wouldn't even move with the play, even though the fields were small. Also, They let a lot of physical play go to the point that I was concerned for the safety of Our teams and Our opponents. I even watched other games to try not to be biased towards my own team. I would say they were 50-50. 50% wanted to be fair and be there. The others didn't really seem to care.

Under normal weather conditions this would probably not have happened but with fields the way they were the Refs that just showed up and showed no effort could have gotten someone hurt and/or prevented some of the chippy play and verbal abuse that was going on between players, parents and Refs.

I do have to say that if they are going to have it again next year I sure am going to be there. No matter what the weather.

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Aug 05, 2010

by: Anonymous

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