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Suggestion for safer play/ parking nightmare

Fluently run tournament for the U10 boys. However, our team played at Maclefield. This field has insufficient parking. In fact you can only park with a pass(our team received 6) with a roster of 14. To address the parking issue the committee did put effort in to problem solving by suggesting teams park 4.5 miles away at a hotel and families would be shuttled to the field. This sounded great in theory but did not work out as we had parents arriving with only a few minutes left on the clock.

SAFETY ALERT! If your child is playing on the small sided fields along the parking lot be very wary. When the ball left the field of play (missed shots on goal as well as out kicks) it on MANY occasions rolled out into the parking lot. Of course, a player or the goalie followed. Due to the parking issue and many teams playing traffic was actually steady. We had SEVERAL near hits,! It is a suggestion of all of the parents screaming on the sideline, to post a volunteer behind the goal to prevent a child losing their life. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS CONDITION!

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