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poor experience

by Parke

This seeding idea they had was very poor and confusing (a CRSA team who was supposedly ranked 2nd in the u14boys dvision, received a bye instead of the first round team). A team could feasibly lose their first two games and still win the tournament, where as a team that wins their first two games and loses their third is out. Also, there was a decent chance you were going to play on of the teams you already played. too many teams from area play other teams from the same area when they should play teams from everywhere. I am with a big club and I saw this at multiple age groups. referees in this area are not the greatest and enjoy going on power trips. its sad when a referee has to be the center of attention when we are doing something for the kids. one assistant referee was texting on his cell phone the entire time, referees that struggled with offsides calls, and center referees did not move. If you are from the area, you already know how poor the officiating can be. My team benefited from it a lot on the first day, and it killed us on the second day.

Between the poor setup of the tournament, the poor officiating, and the weather (I understand the club cannot do much about that), I will not be taking any teams back to this tournament.

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