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Overall a Fantastic Time

by Girls Soccer Mom
(June 5, 2010)

I had a child play in the U12 level girls portion of this tournament. This feedback is my observations while I was at the fields.

1) Overall it was a fantastic time for the team and parents with most sideline activity (parent and families watching) cordial and without issues.

2) The teams seemed to be very well balanced and challenging for all teams (at the U12 Girls B).

3) The officiating was good at times, but I believe in the spirit of the game (soccer), letting the girls play and keeping the games moving is a tough balance versus flagrant fouls. I did observe some fouls on keepers (ploughing through them even though the ball was in control) and on field players with full body checks that either caused or could have injury. I know that soccer is a contact sport but we need to teach players what is enough and what is too much. Fouls that were not called in this tournament would most definitely be called in league play.

4) Each site needs to have updates especially on the end days so families can determine if they are playing on the last day.

5) Facilities were nice and had appropriate bathrooms and amenities.

6) I saw staff working the tournament at each site and they were visible and easy to speak to.

Thanks and see you next year!

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Aug 05, 2010

by: Anonymous

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