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Emerald Cup Girls 2013

by Justina Fitzgerald
(Oklahoma City, OK)

This was the first time our team has played in this tournament. We enjoyed the soccer complex and organization that was put into running this tournament.

A few things I found I would do differently is:

1. Know exactly when the "list" of hotels are the time I was aware of the rooms available for booking some of our favorite hotels were already full..I had been checking then gave up and then when I went back to it ... well.

2. Book a hotel with out a pool...distraction and source of wearing girls out..

3. Book a hotel with a washer dryer facility on property.

4. Soccer complex is a fabulous multi million dollar facility and yet there is one "end" for restrooms. Some fields where so far, we missed a lot of the games taking toddlers to the bathroom. LOL.. what are we going to do..regardless of our unusual circumstance the complex is amazing..

5. Also, for a first timer, we had checked the weather and were certain it was going to be warm, NOT. It was unexpectedly cool and windy (just like Oklahoma). I will always be sure to bring the "spring" soccer "just in cases" from now on.

Overall, a wonderful experience. Just a few notes for first timers to consider when planning.

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