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Couldn't possibly have been an amazing experience...


...given that half of it never took place. Weather forced the cancellation of the second half, and Rush has refused to even acknowledge our personal request for a partial refund (though they did offer partial credit towards a future Rush tournament). The weather issue of course was not Rush's fault, but it seems impossible, given that, to come to the conclusion that the half-finished tournament was an amazing experience. And one wonders what teams who paid much more money than we did to travel from out of state and book hotels and so forth are to make of that simple "no refunds" response, despite the sponsor failing to provide half of what was promised.

Apart from that really objective point, however, our impression of the way the whole tournament was that Rush is not a professional or serious organization. Particularly frustrating was Rush's declaration a week before play was to begin that the schedule was now set in stone and could be planned on, as changes would be very difficult if not impossible to make even in emergency-type situations, which evidently really meant "unless it benefits a Rush team", because significant last-minute changes were nevertheless later made to our flight so that a Rush team who arrived very late on the scene could still enter. (Why a Rush team couldn't get its act together in time to join a Rush tournament before the regular deadlines and scheduling took place is one of the many good questions that Rush has never tried to explain.) These changes involved switching not only game times but also adding game days, including from weekend to weekday, resulting in the inability of many parents to get to games or take their sons due to inability to leave work and so forth without proper notice.

An interesting twist to this situation was that Rush added a girls team to our boys division, contrary to common expectations or anything in their published information on the tournament. This unfortunately seemed indicative of their overall lack of concern for providing what was advertised, however. And that aspect was further corroborated when these and other issues (just to mention one, lack of personnel on site to clear fields of non-tournament practices for games about to begin) were brought up with the listed coordinator, Ms. Espino, and the result was a 2-sentence form letter response which failed to recognized, comment on or explain any of the specific issues mentioned.

Unless perhaps you're a Rush team yourself, you should be aware of this kind of approach and consider taking your business and your kids' soccer elsewhere.

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