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The Buenos Aires Masters Cup is an adult soccer tournament that combines top quality soccer competition with all that Buenos Aires has to offer, including culture, world class food and wine and a vibrant nightlife.

Teams from all around the world are expected to enter this 5-a-side competition against local teams from Argentina.

The event accommodates teams of all levels in Mans' Women's and Co-ed divisions. Players who wish to enter, but do not have a team play on can be matched with teammates of an appropriate level.

Participating teams are welcome to arrange their own hotel accommodations but organizers recommend that they use the official tournament hotel. Accommodation packages can also include parties, city tours, stadium tours and other events.

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Hosted by: Buenos Aires Cup
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dates:February 20-26, 2011
Format: 5v5
Level: All
Gender:Men. Women, Co-ed
Cost:$300 per team
Application Deadline: December 15, 2010
Contact: Anna Renery
Phone: (323) 282 3450

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