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Soccer Tournaments in Spain

If you choose to attend any of the dozens of soccer tournaments in Spain, your experience will combine some of the finest European soccer with one of that continent's premier tourist destinations.

Back in the 1960s, Spain was one of the first European countries to recognize the potential windfall that could come from international tourism. Since then, it has built up a huge tourism infrastructure of hotels, airports, beaches, restaurants and the like that probably can not be matched anywhere in Europe.

As a result, Spain has become the third most popular tourist destination in the world.

It is also a country that absolutely adores soccer. There is a reason that two of the world's richest clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, come from Spain.

Barcelona Cathedral While both of these spanish soccer giants have been known as much over the years for the talent they buy into the country as for the homegrown talent they develop in Spain, that image has started to change in recent years.

And now that Spain has become champions of Europe, there can be few who doubt that the Spanish know how to play soccer to a very high standard.

And with the additional fact that top teams from all over the rest of Europe, and even Africa, will happily travel to Spain for tournament play means your team is likely to face some pretty stiff competition.

Weather is HOT in the summertime, particularly in the south, but very pleasant in the spring, when you can actually ski in some mountainous regions in the morning, and still spend the afternoon on the beach.

Madrid and Barcelona are both famous for some fantastic architecture and, of course, you simply must try and take in a match (or at least a stadium tour) of either the Nou Camp (Barcelona) or the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid).

And if you can catch one of the semi-annual games between these two great soccer rivals, so much the better. But be warned, this is a rivalry that extends way beyond the soccer field, and they can be pretty intense affairs.

For a really good site that has lots of information about Spanish soccer, check out Meanwhile, here is our list of soccer tournaments in Spain.

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