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2007 was an exciting year for soccer tournaments in CO with the opening of a brand new field complex, as well as a new stadium for the Colorado Rapids just oustide Denver.

Beach FC Sun Cup

Already, in 2007, the Real Colorado Cup Memorial Day tournament and August's Denver Cup have been moved to the new Dick's Sporting Goods field in addition to the inaugural SUM Cup contested between the youth teams of MLS clubs. It seems that, just like in Frisco, TX after Pizza Hut Park opened there in 2005, we can expect numerous other events to move to the new facility in the near future.

Colorado is home to a number of well-known clubs, including the Colorado Rush (which hosts several events of its own each year), the aforementioned Real Colorado and the Colorado Storm.

Playing so high above sea level poses challenges that visiting youth teams seldom will have had to face before. It may not be the Azteca Stadium, but the altitude will still take your breath away, if you're not used to it.

Besides great soccer, visiting families can take in some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the United States, and there is plenty to do, particularly if you are the outdoors type. Check out the Colorado tourist board's official site if you're looking for ideas.

Meanwhile, here's our list of upcoming soccer tournaments in Colorado. Or, if you are looking for a specific event, you may way to try using our search function.


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