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Soccer Tournaments in Europe and Beyond

Our country-by-country directory of soccer tournaments in Europe and beyond is listed below. Some of the finest youth soccer tournaments in the world take place in Europe, and the number is growing as more countries from what was formerly eastern Europe begin to recognize the potential tourist boom that can come from hosting soccer tournaments.

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In addition to the tournament listings, we've supplied basic information about the top European destinations, both from a tourism and a "soccer culture" point of view.

We have also put a number of feature articles together about the whole experience of taking a team on an overseas trip, from fundraising to packing. You can access those stories by scrolling down to the fot of this page.

Beyond Europe, there are also tournament opportunities in Africa and Asia, where a growing number of US teams are looking to find more exotic locations to test their skills against an ever wider array of playing styles.

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Soccer Tournaments in Europe

Austria Denmark Hungary Spain
Belgium France Ireland Sweden
Croatia Germany Italy Switzerland
Czech Republic Holland Norway United Kingdom

Other European Countries

Soccer Tournaments in Canada

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brusnwick
Newfoundland Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island
Quebec Saskatchewan

Soccer Tournaments Beyond North America and Europe

Africa Asia Caribbean Mexico & Central America
South America

If you are the director of a soccer tournament anywhere in Europe, you can have your event listed here by filling out our soccer tournament submission form. If you can send us a logo, too, and a brief description of the event, we'll get you listed right away.

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