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Soccer Moms Guide to Youth Soccer Tournaments

Our soccer moms guide to youth soccer tournaments looks at the entire tournament industry from the point of view of the folks who are actually paying for the whole excursion – the parents

I wonder how many soccer parents got their kids involved in the sport largely because it is billed as an inexpensive sport to play. Who hasn't heard that all you need to play soccer is a ball, a pair of cleats and some shin guards.

It sounds like such a great deal compared to, say, hockey, lacrosse or football.

But it's called travel soccer for a reason, and boy do they travel.

I've taken a team U9 girls across our state to compete in recreational and indoor tournaments, and I know of some twelve-year-olds who flew from Boston to San Diego to compete in the Surf Cup.

Travel to Europe is not unusual for teams looking for a more exotic soccer tournament experience, and all of these trips require planning, packing for, shopping for and, above all, funding.

So it makes sense that soccer moms need to understand as much about the tournament industry as possible (and make no mistake, it is an industry) so they can make informed decisions every step of the way – even if that decision is ultimately “Thanks, but we'll take a pass on this one.”

Parents need to know that an expensive tournament really is going to be worthwhile for the kids, and is not being planned just to spruce up a coach's resume.

Do the benefits of a trip to a far-away college showcase soccer tournament really outweigh the “cost” of taking the kids out of school for a coupe of days? What kind of insurance do we need if we're taking the team to South America for a tournament? What kind of risk is there for a child that plays five competitive soccer games in one weekend? And how can soccer moms make sure their kids are eating healthy when all they have for sale at the concession stands is fried dough and hot dogs?

These questions, and many more like them, will be tackled in this part of the site. Feel free to contact us if you have story ideas of your own.

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