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MLS Joins Forces With Soccer Resort

Marketing Agreement Should Help Cross Branding for Both Organizations

March 18, 2009
By Nick Williams

In an attempt to increase Major League Soccer’s recognition in the adult soccer market, MLS has signed a marketing partnership with The Soccer Resort, a soccer travel company that organizes adult soccer tournaments around the world.

Soccer Resort will integrate MLS branding, merchandise and promotional materials into select tournaments and travel events throughout many locations in the United States. The events will feature ticket and merchandise giveaways and appearances from MLS players.

Soccer Resort, MLS

“It will be a fun experience for our customers,” said Niall Swann, founder of The Soccer Resort. “We’ll have some players coming to some of our tournaments, promotional giveaways for customers, and has the relationship deepens, we’ll have more and more fun stuff.

“It’s nice to give something extra to the customers.”

In exchange for Soccer Resort promoting upcoming MLS events, both at tournaments and via banner ads online at MLS currently reaches a segment of the adult soccer market through partnerships with the US Adult Soccer Association and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

Part of the reason this agreement should be successful, according to Swann, is the growth of adult soccer.

“With the explosion the 90s had on the youth soccer scene, the kids playing then are now adults. Also, the rise of field turf allows you to play 12 months a year in places you couldn’t before. The demographics of adult soccer have really changed, with the Premiership and Champions League, as well as MLS on TV, people’s interest in the game is retained after high school.”

Major League Soccer's 14th season begins the weekend of March 19-22, 2009, when 15 teams kickoff the 2009 MLS regular season. Meanwhile, the pact between MLS and Soccer Resort has already begun, with a large MLS presence at last week’s St. Patrick’s tournament in New York, where the Red Bulls gave away jerseys and tickets to patrons at the event.

Material from MLS press releases was used in this report.

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