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Former Survivor Winner Holds 3v3 Benefit

Ethan Zohn Holds Tournament to Benefit AIDS Awareness in Africa

March 31, 2009

The former winner of “Survivor: Africa” recently helped put on an AIDS benefit soccer tournament at New York’s Alfred University to help benefit children in Africa’s awareness of the deadly disease.

Ethan Zohn, who won ‘Survivor’s’ $1 million prize in 2002, and the university’s men’s soccer coach, Scott Miller, organized “Lose the Shoes,” a 3v3 soccer tournament held produced by the Grassroots Soccer network, on March 21.

Grassroots holds shoeless soccer tournaments at colleges and universities throughout the country as part of the Kick AIDS campaign. Zohn is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization.

"What Grassroots Soccer does is train professional soccer players in Africa about HIV and AIDS, and they go into the schools to teach about AIDS prevention,” Zohn told The Fiat Lux, the student newspaper of Alfred University. "The concept here (with the tournament) is kids kind of helping kids."

Zohn told the paper that it takes only $25 to send a child through the Grassroots program. The tournaments across the country are held to benefit the organization, which has now grossed $112,000 after 80-plus tournaments in total, according to The Fiat Lux.

“It’s completely student-run,” Zohn told the paper. “It’s pretty cool if you think about it.”

Over 28 teams participated in the AU event, raising $1,800, which according to Zohn is enough to send 72 Africans through the Grassroots program.

For more information on the program or Grassroots Soccer, visit

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