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College showcase soccer tournaments have become an important subset of the tournament industry that, when done right, can be a useful tool for coaches and recruits alike.

The first thing to remember about college showcase soccer tournaments is that, no matter how well-run the event is, how well you play, and which coaches are present, simply showing up and playing is not nearly enough to have every division 1 coach in the nation beating a path to your door.

College recruiting has become such a complex and competitive matter in recent years that an entire cottage industry has grown up around it. There are many things you need to do to get noticed by a college coach, and countless companies offering to help you for a (sometimes not very) small fee. As in all commercial transactions, the buyer should be aware of certain pitfalls.

There are certain things you need to ask before determining which college showcase tournaments to attend. College Soccer Players

First would be, Which coaches are actually attending? Notice we said coaches, not schools. Simply being told that a certain school is going to be there may not be enough. Is that school going to be represented by the head coach or by an assistant coach? The assistant coach is not necessarily a bad thing. Many head coaches rely heavily on input from a trusted assistant when making recruiting decisions. But others don't, and send along a junior assistant just to show their face because the head coach doesn't have time to attend herself.

You need to know that the coaches who are scouting a certain event really do have the power to recruit you if they like what they see.

We've divided our college showcase soccer tournament directory not by state but by region of the country, since people are generally more inclined to travel longer distance to attend such events.

Many of these events are run in conjunction with more traditional youth soccer tournaments so they can get pretty crowded. Some prefer to attend an event that is exclusively focused on the college-bound age groups.

Naturally, there is a little overlap in some of these listings. Some might consider New Jersey, for example, to be in the Northeast, while others might automatically turn to the mid-Atlantic listings to find the Garden State. In those cases, we've listed them in both. As always, if you're looking for a specific event, you can try using our search function.

In addition to these listings, we have a selection of stories about college soccer, recruitment and general issues that affect student athletes. We'll keep adding to these as time goes on in the hope that we can become a valuable resource for both parents and students. You can view these stories at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, here is our directory of college showcase soccer tournaments.

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