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Beach Blast Draws Thousands

Event Demand Calls for Second Tournament

June 29, 2009

This past weekend’s Cape Express Beach Blast soccer tournament attracted nearly 1,000 teams down to New Jersey’s Wildwoods Beach.

The annual beach soccer event is now in its seventh year and is open to pretty much all ages.

“Competitors play in their bare feet. The soccer balls used are lighter, softer and easier on the bare feet,” Mike Granigan, President of Cape Express Soccer Club, told The Cape May Country Herald.

The three-day event includes a minimum of three games for every team – from Under-8 to Men’s and Women’s coed – and includes admission to the nearby Morey’s Piers amusement and water parks.

“We love sponsoring this event, because it means so much to the Wildwoods, the boardwalk and the beach,” Norris Clark, Director of Sales and Marketing, told the Cape May Country Herald.

The demand for the tournament was so high that the Cape Express Soccer Club will hold a second tournament in late August.

For the full results from these weekend’s event, click here.

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