Sites Announced for 2008 National Cup VII Regionals

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Eight different sites across the country will host the 2008 National Cup VII Regionals, a tournament open to U.S. Club Soccer members from the U11 to U17 ranges, U.S. Club Soccer announced Thursday.

The location and date of the 2008 National Cup VII Finals will be announced at a later date.

This is the first year the tournament is open to Under-11 teams, although there will be no final for that age group.

Boys and Girls U12 Regional Champions will still be crowned, but the victorious teams will not advance to the Finals, as was custom in years past. Only winners in Boys and Girls U13-U17 age groups from each Regional will move on to the 2008 National Cup VII Finals.

“We are cognizant of the burdens of travel and cost for this younger age group,” said U.S. Club Soccer Executive Director Bill Sage of the changes. “In addition, we are responding to requests to run a U11 age group event at the regional level to give these players the opportunity to participate in a US Club Soccer event."

Also, because of growing numbers in the Modesto, Calif. and Pittsgrove, N.J. Regionals, those events have been divided by gender into two successive weekends. The Boys competition will kick off the Modesto, Calif. Regional June 14-17 with the Girls playing the following weekend, June 21-24. In Pittsgrove, N.J., the Girls tournament will be held June 21-24 and the Boys will compete for Regional titles, June 28-July 1.

"In planning for the 2008 Cup, we want to accommodate the large number of teams who want to attend the two most popular Regionals,” Safe said. “As Modesto and Pittsgrove reached their maximum capacities last year, we decided to split them by gender into two weekends.”

The dates and locations for the 2008 National Cup VII Regionals:

May 24-26 – LaGrangeville, NY
May 24-26 – Jacksonville, FL
June 14-17 (Boys) – Modesto, CA
June 21-24 (Girls) – Modesto, CA
June 21-24 – San Bernardino, CA
June 21-24 (Girls) – Pittsgrove, NJ
June 28-July 1 (Boys) – Pittsgrove, NJ
June 28-July 1 – Indianapolis, IN
July 5-8 – Virginia Beach, VA
July 5-8 – Pacific Northwest

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